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Ryham Optoelectronics has been recognized as one of the Pioneer, Innovator and Quality Supplier  in outdoor advertising LED Display  market.  We are supplying a completely integrations solutions to the civil and oversea construction facilities, advertising, rental, live concerts and led screen stage design; public transport sectors, Supermarket Chain Store and Hotel Catering area.  Our products covers:

Ryham is dedicated to providing efficient, affordable, and creative products and services to cater to diverse expectations. If you expect outstanding styling design that’ll bring LED vision to your life, if you demand trained & practiced service behind you—Ryham LED Display is your best choice!


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RYHAM Optoelectronics is a professional LED display manufacturer. We provide digital display solutions for all industries, including retail, private, automotive, government and corporate. We manufacture good quality with price-competitive Indoor /Outdoor LED Display/Screen; innovative Taxi top/ Bus/ Trailer advertising LED Display; Magic mirror poster led display /Transparent LED display; We also provide high-resolution, high contrast, and brilliant Rental LED Display. Welcome to RYHAM to Buy Professional Displays. We offer you an array of high-end Professional Displays with absolutely unbeatable prices, quick delivery, and quality guarantee.

Creative led screen

Stage LED Screen

Stage LED Screen

1.8mm LED Wall

16×9 video wall

16×9 video wall

Circular led screen display-P5

Full color led display

Stadium led display-P10

Led screen for window display

One Stop-Solution for Innovative Advertising LED Display Screens

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

Each project is unique, and we pride ourselves on coming up with a custom solution for each and every customer.

Our specialty is to blend LED Module with Mobile Media devices like Taxi and Bus, Commercial buildings, Residential areas, and Public Transportation areas to create unforgettable advertisement effects.

Let our team help you come up with a solution.

Reliable Products

Reliable Products

Ryham has a large variety of award-winning LED displays in a variety of applications. Our LED Display is All-weather durability, providing sharp and vivid imaging.

We provide creative solutions ranging from P1.25 to P31mm indoor and outdoor configurations.

If you are looking for a reliable LED Display supplier, Ryham will be your choice!

Dependable Service

Dependable Service

At Ryham, when you plan to invest in advertising screens, we have you covered excellent services from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sales.

We are dedicated to providing top service and support throughout our customers entire experience. Being a reliable LED display manufacturer means we need to take responsibility to satisfy our customers!

Ryham won’t let you down!

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We aim to provide an excellent service to our customers at all times.
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