Transparent Taxi Rear Window LED Display

Transparent Taxi Rear Window LED Display

Transparent taxi rear window  LED Display is new trend for mobile advertising at the vehicles, such as taxi, bus, van and even private MPV.  With transparent technolgoy,  rear display is visible through rear taxi glass, and won’t block the view of driver as traditional large LED Screen.  It displays text, image and format video, providing mobile advertising platform for potential market demands.  Its weight is only 4~6 kgs around with power supplier, controller, cables and lighting module included.  Power consumption is only 19W, not more than a bulb lighting, even a led lamp.    Swift installation is best for driver to fix at the rear glass window of taxi,  it takes 10 minutes to install in hardware.   And all the terminal displays are with built in controller, accessible to internet to receive demands from cloud server to download new preset playlist with video and images.  And the maximum quantity of deploying such system is endless.  With a fleet of taxis,  people is able to view the advertising put at Transparent Taxi Rear Window LED Display in every street corners, school gate, shopping mall, seashore and wherever the advertising demands are potential.

Through central control webpage of cloud server,  it’s quite easy to access and manage by the operator simple through one computer with internet.  All the media resources are loaded up to cloud server memory in size of hundreds of gigabyte.  And they are reusable and editable anytime and anywhere with authorized ID.   And advertising will reach as far as the horizontal line with adding taxi registered through the whole city.

The shortage of rear window taxi display is that , it resolution is low to 108 pixels x 72 pixels around.  Its resolution is too low to display HD video and image.   It plays well while the content is text information.  Anyway, it’s quite amazing technology and will evolve in unexpecting bright future day by day.

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