Nova H Series Video Wall Splicers Fast Setup Manual

Novastar H Series Video Wall Splicers Fast Setup Manual describes the full setting process in 8 sections: 1. Device Connections 2. Device Login 3. Screen Configuration 4. Programming 5. Preset 6. Multiviewer 7. Device 8. Settings Views counts: 0

LED Display Module Remover Parameters

For more information of led display front service tool-vacuum kit, please visit remover page. Views counts: 0

CVT10 Fiber Converter

The CVT10 fiber converter offers a cost-effective way to convert optical signals to electrical signals, or electrical signals to optical signals, for connecting the sending card to the LED display. Delivering a full-duplex, efficient and stable data transmission that is not easily interfered with, this converter is ideal for long-distance transmission. The CVT10 hardware design …

H2 Video Wall Splicer

The H2 is Novastar’s newest generation of video wall splicer, featuring excellent image quality and designed especially for fine-pitch LED screens. The H2 can work as splicing processors that integrate both video processing and video control capabilities, or work as pure splicing processors. The whole unit adopts a modular and plug-in design, and allows for …

LEDOK Express

Xixun PC-based configuration software upon top LED screen editing software. If you want to see more tutorials on how to use LEDOK Express software to edit and publish the new playlist through Wi-Fi or 4G or Ethernet connected, please watch the ledok video tutorial. How to use USB memory to upload a new playlist? please …

HDSET V2.1.6.8

Huidu HDSET V2.1.6.8 Software to drive T901 sending cards. Views counts: 0

Vehicle LED Screen Controller Manual

Vehicle LED Screen Controller Manual-E36 Controller makes led screen work independently without computer or other devices input. It’s a 4G offline system intergrated with 4G network, GPS, WIFI and USB as ways of updating the playlist.  It’s widely applied at Taxi Top Screen, Bus LED Display,  LED Panels and etc. Views counts: 0

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