What’s Taxi Top LED Display?

Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi top led display are digital and virtual central control through cloud server base with help of  4G technology.   Replacing advertising image or video is just a few clicks in front of computer without physical changing the pvc painting manually at the top of taxis.  So once installed at the roof of taxi,  no extra charge for advertising resources, cutting needless overhead expenditure. The focus will be signing advertising contracts with potential clients, and make playlists campaigns at the cloud server for any length of preset time.  It increases consumer’s awareness, allows for immediate feedback with QR code, boosts downloading APP of advertising company.

  1. End cycling ads exchanging cost.    Because ads are displayed digitally, there is no print, delivery, fixing costs!  It helps getting business in big scale at local areas in a vastly reduced cost and brings much incomes!
  2. Geo Tagging.          With Geo module inside of each terminals, taxi routine is able to track and record in database. Ads campaign is to be geo targeted to change within a certain radius of a geographic location in editable form.  The services of Uber or Didi or some other car-hailing service companies are all based on Geo tagging functionality.
  3.  Group Control.   With central console setup  at the cloud server,  thousands of terminals are able to control and update through 4G network virtually.  Edited playlist is published to reach terminal displays in a few seconds.
  4.  Statistics.    When advertising demands are fulfilled and implemented at the taxis fleet,  the playing reports for each ads will be generated in daily/weekly/monthly base.  All ads playing logs are available in file format (excel or pdf ) to show for clients.
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