Car LED Display-T4

Products Name: Car LED Display-T4 LED Display

HS Code: 8528581090
Model No. : T4
Fine Pixel Pitch: 4mm
LED Lamp Chip: SMD1415
LED Display Resolution: 240(W)X80(H)pixels
Housing Size: 1030(L)X296.4(W)X406(H)mm
Brightness: 5000 nits
Power Consumption: Max: 450watts/ Avg: 180watts
Display Driver IC: 16207 Constant current driver
Scan way: 1/16 Scan
Refresh led displays: ≥1920HZ
LED Display controller: XiXun
Control Mode: Wifi/4G Network+Cloud Server
LED LED Display software: Free
Weight/Cabinet : 18.5 KGS
Input Voltage: DC 9~36 V
Uses of led display: Car Taxi Cab Van Roof Top
Certification: CE FCC ROHS ISO
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Features of Car LED Display

Car LED Display-T4

◆Double Sides
Dual Sided, mirror display pictures, animated advertisements and live video, reach more people as possible.

◆High Brightness
Fully outdoor high brightness LEDs, 3500nits to 5000nits allow our taxi topper screen Daylight Readable.

◆IP65 Protection Rank
Waterproof and dustproof design with aluminum cabinet, easy to deal with harsh environments, total outdoor application.

◆Automatically Adjust Brightness
Light sensor allows display automatically adjusts brightness for night time. Viewing Automatically

Car LED Display Controller System

Car LED Display-T4

◆ Server Software Platform
Friendly server software platform enable to manage thousands of sign easily. Advertisers are also able to view a detailed advertising report via an internet browser.

◆ Multiple Control Method
Adopting Wifi/3G/4G wireless control, users no need to go to the site to update advertising contents. Advertiser can change the content in a short time instead of days or weeks.

◆ GPS Trace
Advertiser can trace the taxi sign by GPS . You can design GPS based advertising map zones, so you can target specific ads to outdoor viewers in selected parts of a city.

Car LED Display-T4 Housing Size

Car LED Display-T4

◆ Pixel Pitch Optional
High definition pixel pitch range 2.5mm to 6mm. The most popular pixel pitch is 3mm and 4mm.

◆ Housing Size Customized
Housing size can be customized, we provide 800mm X 345mm X 185mm,1030mm X 406mm X 210mm and 1088 X 216mm X 464mm as choice.

◆ Cabinet Customized
Cabinet can be customized. We can change color and logo at your requirement.

Car LED Display-LED Display Installation Method

Car LED Display-T4


The taxi top led display is fixed by the rack on the car top.It is easy to install. We have detailed instructions from rack installation to system control. You can learn further through text, video we provide or ask customer service for help.

After-sale Service

2 years warranty is started from the date of dispatch against any manufacturing defects. After the warranty, customer will send the defective parts to our company. Company will offer the best price for the repairs parts.

Car LED Display-T4 Control System View

Car LED Display-T4
Control System Features:

  • Support WiFi, 3G, 4G, also can use as AP hotspot.
  • Users can release ads by IOS and Android APP.
  • Support AIPS program publishing platform.
  • Provide SDK secondary development kit.
  • Support USB update program.
  • GPS sensitivity is high and fast.
  • High quake resistance level.
  • 10 seconds power off does not restart.
Car LED Display-T4

Pitch 4mm and Pitch 3mm is middle choice between highest definition and lowest definition at Car LED Display-T4.    It is able to display high quality of image and video for  your advertising at mobile vehicles-taxis, buses, private cars and vans.   Therefore,wherever you can see a car, you can put taxi top led display at top of it for new business opportunity within views of countless audience in every corners of your city.

And some of Uber taxis started to install taxi display to attract much traffics of people’s awareness on the road.  Taxi top led display technology help ride-hail drivers earn extra income by letting the company display ads on the roofs of their cars.

A website for Uber’s partnership with outdoor ad-tech company Adomni describes the collaboration as an “unmissable new omni-present advertising network that cuts through clutter with street-level engagement.”  Uber has also previously explored partnerships with dedicated ad-tech companies.

The Outdoor Taxi Digital Screen is now one of the fastest growing markets in many parts of the world, as digital LED screens are replacing the traditional taxi-tops and the Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) market is predicted to rise to 38.3% by 2023. With approximately 2 million registered taxis around the world, taxis and other transportation vehicles are becoming a substantial platform for the DOOH market. Another solution and emerging trend is fully-wrapped taxis and vehicles that use the same techniques as fully-wrapped buses.

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