Creative led screen -P2.976 Outdoor Display

Products Name: Creative led screen-P2.976 Outdoor Display
LED Display HS Code: 8528581090
Model No. : OD-H2.9
Fine Pixel Pitch: 2.976mm
LED Display Resolution:112896 Pixels/m²
Module Size: 250*250mm
Module Resolution: 84*84 Pixles
Brightness: Up to 5000 nits
Power Consumption:<800W/m²
LED Lamp Chip : National Star SMD1415
LED Display Driver IC: 16207 Constant current driver
Scan way: 1/21 Scan
Refresh led displays: ≥1920HZ
LED Display controller: star mctrl300
LED Display software: LINSN/NOVA/Colorlight
Power Supply : AC 110/220V 50Hz+_10%
Uses of led display: Window displays, retail storefronts and bank branches.
Certification: CE FCC ROHS ISO
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China


Creative led screen-P2.976 Outdoor Display, its pixel density reaching 112,910 Pixels/m², it’s HD resolution provids a high quality visual experience to captivate the audience’s attention. Outdoor P2.976 fine pitch led display solutions can help advertisers to stand out from the competition with real-time dynamic messaging and viewing experience.

Features of LED Display

★ High-density LED array, Pixel pitch 2.976mm,delivers featured content at optimal visibility and uniformity
★ 1920Hz high fresh rate,the displays can stream videos without distortion or interruption
★ Good uniformity, 5000nits high brightness.
★ Moisture and oxidation resistance, long service life-span.
★ IP-65 Rating, ensure continuous performance and quality even when exposed to water, dust and other outdoor elements

Quality Assurance

★ Selected branded National Star (or other China high quality brand) 3 in 1 SMD1415 LED lamps
★ Top Rated branded Meanwell power supply-It’s strong moist proof function help the P2.9 multi color led display can sustain in the harsher environment.
★ High refresh driving IC for screen refresh frequency up to 1,920 to 3,840 Hz and high colour greyscale levels of 14 – 16-bits
★Strengthened LED module back frame for extra rigidity and uniformity
★Fully coated PCB with conformal coating for anti-corrosion and moisture-proof
★ Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy cabinet ( Or mechanical design Iron/Aluminum cabinet) -Superior accuracy/
Anti-corrosion/Excellent heat dissipation/ Weatherproof.

LED Display Controller System

LED Rental Manila – P2.976 outdoor Multi color led display is fully supports latest and greatest pixel level calibration by Novastar, a leading company in LED display calibration solution. Therefore, our controller system solution is capable of:
★Full depth brightness level calibration up to pixel level
★Bright and dark lines correction
★Up to 2,000 x 1,000 pixels of calibration per zone
★Up to 2,000,000 pixels calibration speed per hour
★Supports curved screen and irregular screen calibration

LED Display Installation Method

According to different application and installation environments, LED display installation methods are also different. Following are the most popular installation methods for your reference.
1. Suspension Type -Mostly apply for the entrances of passages, corridors, stations, railway stations and subway stations, etc.
2. Wall Embedded Installation -Note: Better choose front maintenance design cabinet or modules for easy access.
3. Floor standing installation
4. Pillar Support Installation -Single pole Or Dual pole.
5. Building roof-mounted installation

Uses Of LED Display

P2.9 multi color led display is designed for high-end outdoor installation in boardrooms, museums, control rooms, broadcast studios or for retail and advertising applications.

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