Flexible LED Panel Screen-P2.0

Products Name: Flexible led Screen-P2.0
LED Display HS Code: 8528581090
Model No. : FLX-H2.0
Fine Pixel Pitch: 2.0mm
LED Display Resolution: 25000 Pixels/m²
Module Size: 320*160*8.6mm
Module Resolution: 160*80=12800 Pixles
Brightness: 700 nits
Viewing angle: Horizontal 160°
Viewing angle: Vertical 140°
Min View Distance(m): 2m
Avg. Power Consumption: 8 W/Module
Max Power Consumption: 25 W/Module
Screen Power Consumption:<700W/m²
LED Lamp Chip : National Star SMD1515
LED Display Driver IC: Constant current driver ICND2065AP
Scan way: 1/40 Scan
Refresh led displays: 1920~3840Hz
Grey Level: 12-16 bit
LED Display controller & Software:
Power Supply : AC 110/220V 50Hz+_10%
Weather Rating: IP 43 Indoor
Installation Type: Magnetic adsorption

Flexible LED Panel Screen introduction

P2.0 Flexible LED Panel Screen adopt flex 4 layers PCB, the best bending angle is 50°-70°. It won’t break LED lamp beads when used to achieve creative LED displays such as ball LED display, curved LED displays and magic cube LED displays.16 bit high grayscale and 3840Hz high refresh rate design generate sharp image without delay and smear.


Model Flex#2.0 Flexible LED Panel Screen resolution: 25000 Pixels/m², Standard module design in 320*160mm. It is one of the highest resolution displays on the market. High resolution, High refresh rate and deep grayscale depth ensure superior image quality for commercial applications as well as creative architectural displays.

Flexibility & Adaptability make endless possibilities

Made with soft PCB and plastic-rubber parts, allows maximum development of creativity and performance to transform areas with its’ flexibility (Concave or Convex) and creating amazing effects.

Front and rear matainence accessbility

With the powerful magnets, flexible LED Panel Screen modules can be easily placed anywhere to form different creative LED display shapessuch as LED columns, curved, concave and convex LED displays. Installation and maintenance can be done from the front.

Stable & Reliable Connections

External sending and receiving control, paired with quality connectors, guarantee safe and reliable connections between each module.


This series exploits LED technology advantages at their fullest, notably their capacity for reduced energy consumption. Green technology for a more sustainable future.

Versatility and innovativeness create variety application:

Designers and interior designers together with architects tend to value their versatility and innovativeness, given that these elements blend in well with architectural projects like buildings. This allows them to create unique and astonishing spaces like shopping centers, corporate hall entrances, stores, fairs, museums, airports, game rooms, hotels, residences, buildings, artwork etc.

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