Flexible LED Video Screen-P2.5

Products Name: Flexible led Screen-P2.5
LED Display HS Code: 8528581090
Model No. : FLX-H2.5
Fine Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
LED Display Resolution: 16000 Pixels/m²
Module Size: 320*160*8.6mm
Module Resolution: 128*64=8192Pixles
Brightness: 750 nits
Viewing angle: Horizontal 160°
Viewing angle: Vertical 140°
Min View Distance(m): 2.5m
Avg. Power Consumption: 7W/Module
Max Power Consumption: 25W/Module
Screen Power Consumption:<500W/m²
LED Lamp Chip : National Star SMD1515
LED Display Driver IC: Constant current driver ICND2038S
Scan way: 1/32Scan
Refresh led displays: 1920~3840Hz
Grey Level: 12-16 bit
LED Display controller & Software:
Power Supply : AC 110/220V 50Hz+_10%
Weather Rating: IP 43 Indoor
Installation Type: Magnetic adsorption

Flexible led video screen introduction

P2.5mm Flexible LED Video Screen, 320mm*160mm ultra soft module, it can be fit for variety application like the club, stage, studio, super market, shopping mall, stadium, concert, amusement park, sight-seeing area, real estate, airport etc. Brand Nationalstar LED, 3840Hz high refreshn rate and constant driver IC to make a great high performance creative LED display as you need.

Flexible led display screen Technical Specification

Module standardized size design 320mm X 160mm, 8.5mm ultra thin,
low current, low heat, high contrast ratio, 1920~3840 Hz high refresh rate,
14-18 bit gray scale, no delay and no smear in the image;

Available for various of screen shapes:

Soldring LED lamps on Flexible PCB, Silicon rubber material module shell, enable it can be bent, wrapped, draped, and folded into any shapes as you like, such as cylinder, arch, round shape, convex, concave etc. This new and innovative LED display technology changes how we interact with digital display installations

Strong magnetic adsorption

Build in strong magnetic, strong adsorption, good uniformity, front and rear service availble, single module replacement easy, improving serviceability and safety in the field.

Custom design

P2.5mm Flexible LED Video Screen come in standard sizes, can be attached to virtually any surface via magnets. Due to each project has unique requirements, Ryham provides specific framing structure design to accomplish your unique design and deployment.

Cost savings

Thanks to their light-weight design, up to 20 sq mts of soft LEDs can be packed inside one flight case. Greatly save on both transportation and labour costs.

Easy maintenance

Together with the light weight and easy access to the top and front for service, maintenance becomes very quick and easy.

Versatility and innovativeness create variety application:

The flexible inovative technology can create displays that are flexible. So they can be installed in places where conventional screens cannot go. Take advantage of flexible LED display module tech in the form of flexible screens which hang from the ceiling – great for highlighting an art exhibition or showcasing products. P2.5mm Flexible LED Video Screen is ideal for retail brands, museums, jewellery stores and many more industries. Now many retailers have already installed a flexible LED video display unit in stores.

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