LED module Vacuum Remover Tool Parameter:
Model: JK25
Charger charging voltage: 100-240V
Charger output voltage: 25.2V
Lithium battery energy:43.2Wh
Maximum continuous charging current: 25.2V-1A
Continuous discharge duration: 18-20MIN(This data is laboratory data,
change according to the use environment, data will fluctuate)
Working environment:-20-45C 15%-85%RH
Charging time : Two hours

The Principle of led module remover

LED display module Vacuum pads remover can be used individually or in multiples to suit the lifting operation of led module. Why? Because everything on Planet Earth is resisting a force of 1 atmosphere (101.3 Kpa.) at sea level. This means that a force of 101.3 KN is acting on an area of 1 square metre. This constant energy force provided by nature is utilised by LED display module vacuum lifting equipment. The power of vacuum is harnessed by using specially designed vacuum pads to grip the load.

Led display module remover full parameters download

PDF File to Download for full parameters of led display module vacuum remover pad.

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