P2 LED Rental LED Screen

Title: P2 LED Rental LED Screen
Model Number: 512-512-B
Cabinet Size: 512*512*68mm
Brightness: 900cd/m2
Waterproof Level: IP30/IP65
Working Voltage: 110/220V
Weight Cabinet : 3.7kg
Cabinet Color: Black/Silver
Packaging: Bubble bag+Foam+Plywood case
Certification: CE FCC ROHS ISO
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Delivery Detail: Batch order 15-30 days


Rental LED Display is widely used at sports game, live concert event,  fashion show, new music release and etc.  For outdoor model, it reaches smallest pixel pitch 2.5mm. For indoor, it reaches P0.9mm,even 0.5mm.   LED screen  has evolved a lot in technolgoy for last 10 years. 10 years ago, Pitch 16mm outdoor led screen is most popular and quite expensive.   Now even Pitch 2.5mm only costs half of price of P16 10 years ago.   It gives people much opportunity to adopt high definition led screen in their own advertising projects to replace traditinoal billboard.

Nowadays, led screen splits into many individual direction, such as taxi top led screen, transparent led screen, rental led screen, pole led screen, perimeter led screen and etc.   In Olympic games, in every game, led screen plays a great role in showing the real time player performances in front of audience at site and even TV broadcasting.   And also NBA game adopts led screens at top of play grounds more than 10 years ago.   It enables the review of whole game and part of game to give direct vision of audience at site what foul is just done,  which player did that fouls, which team will be given penalty correspondingly.   Everything is so obvious for audience at site in front the game.  Moreover, meanwhile,  led screen attracts advertising companies to absorb the attention from audience during the game through playing their advertising video and image,  in order to boost their own business outside of games.   It generates billions of dollars of business opportunity for the market and raise the willingness of people to comsume what they need in real life.

USD 1450~1550 / Piece


Ryham Small Pixel Pitch Indoor Rental LED Screen is the newest series product in led industrial field. The vivid visual effect can fit most indoor occasion.

We offer pixel pitch including P2, P4, P8 and P16 as choice. Ryham ever-growing product lines provide endless solutions for all of your creative needs.

  • Ultra Light
  • Ultra Thin
  • Easy Install
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Easy Maintain
Ultra Light

The weight of the magnesium box is 40% lighter than that of the traditional aluminum box, which greatly saves costs.

Waterproof Design

Outdoor designed of IP65 waterproof level, can display perfectly even under bad weather.

Quick Lock

Dedicated quick lock, installation takes only 20 seconds.


Available for lifting and stacking requirements, meeting indoor and outdoor different site installation requirements.

Rental LED Display Control

Multiple control methods
Support asynchronous

Wide Applications

Live show and events Music ConcertWedding party

Conference and Meeting rooms

High-end entertainment establishments

Auto shows, product launches and expos Airports and Train stations