New football stadium perimeter led display
Product:Die-cast football stadium perimeter LED display
LED Display HS Code: 8528581090
Model No. : OD-D10
Pixel Pitch: 2.5/3/4/5/8mm/10mm
LED Display Resolution:15625/10000 Pixels/m²
Module Size: 320 x 160mm
Module Resolution: 40*20/32*16 Pixels
Weight: 28 kg
Brightness: > 6500 nits
Power Consumption: <1000W/m² LED Lamp Chip: SMD3535/1921/1415 LED Display Driver IC: 5124/16207 Constant current driver Scan way: 1/2 Scan Refresh LED displays: ≥1920HZ Life span: 100,000 Hours LED Display controller: star mctrl300 LED Display Software: Free Power Supply: AC 110/220V 50Hz+_10% Application: stadium, racetracks, sports academy, or any other multipurpose sports facilities and professional sports application-(Football World Cup, NBA Basketball games, volleyball games etc.).

Outdoor Football Perimeter LED Screen

The sports field’s perimeter led board serves most of the sports stadium, car racetracks, sports academies, or any other multipurpose sports facilities and professional sports application. Being modular, they are widely used by sports leagues, like Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc., and also clubs and companies that own sports infrastructure to be installed indoor or outdoor stadiums.

Football perimeter LED screen transmits advertising content through LAN Ethernet cable or fiber cable at a long distance. And all the advertising will be exposed directly to the audience in front of TV all over the world.

Different from the outdoor big LED screen, the perimeter screen is composed of only one cabinet height with many cabinets long. Through Nova System (sending card, receiving card, function card, etc), it transmits the data from the central control center to each screen cabinet around the football playground. The playing media are unlimited from a live TV camera, Player box, satellite TV, etc., and the video processor is able to convert external video device signals into HDMI signals for sending carding processing.

And screens are to install on one or both sides of the stadium/arena to broadcast the live advertising of sponsors or advertisers. They are mounted on the long side or behind the goalpost vectors at the short side of any sports field.


★ Best Protection: Soft cushion absorbs the most impact of collision to protect the athletes.

★ Best material: The aluminum-magnesium alloy makes the cabinet very light to move and install cabinets in a few minutes. It reduces much of the manual work for installation.

★ Removable design: Remove the top cushion and back holding standing feet, it’s able to fix into a big LED wall with optimal characteristics.

★ Visibility: >7000 nits high brightness.

★ Lifetime: Moisture and oxidation resistance, long service life-span.

★ Careless of weather: IP-65 Rating, ensure continuous performance and quality even when exposed to water, dust, and other outdoor elements.

★ Mobility: The flight cases packing makes it easy to move anywhere at any time.


★ Top Lamps: branded Nationstar or China top quality brand 3-in-1 SMD1921/1415/3535 LED lamps.

★ Top Rated branded Meanwell power supply.

★ High refresh driving IC for screen refresh frequency up to 1,920 to 3,840 Hz and high color gray scale levels of 16-bits

★ Colors: black, white, blue, etc.

★ Fully coated PCB with conformal coating for anti-corrosion and moisture-proof

★ Die-Cast aluminum magnesium alloy cabinet -Superior accuracy/Anti-corrosion/Excellent heat dissipation/ Weatherproof.

Top Control System

★ Brand system available: Novasta or Linsn or Colorlight.

★ Brightness control: manual set or auto with light sensor.

★ Turnkey Solution: Main controller + video processor or 2-in-1 video splicer to import multimedia resources and to transmit the signal into the led screen seamlessly.

★ Longest pixel driving: 15360 pixels max;

★ Data ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI, SDI, DP, USB, Ethernet.

★ Backup: Supporting double synchronizing the main controllers.If any interruption of faulty issues from one controller, another controller will take over the transmission of data.


★. Fast locking system enables workers to fix the cabinets one by another in a few minutes without external tools.

★. Cables plug-in connectors make it easy to do power and data connections.

★. Ergonomics-designed handlebar lets each hold of the cabinet be comfortable.

★. Technical assistance is available and present for oversea market site installation.

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