Pole Kiosk Advertising

Products Name: Pole Kiosk Advertising-PKA3
HS Code: 8528581090        Model No. : PKA3
Fine Pixel Pitch: 3.0mm
LED Display Resolution: 111,111 pixels/m²
Module Size: 192mm*192mm
Module Resolution: 64pixels*64 Pixles
Cabinet size: 1640mm (H) x 960mm (W)
LED screen resolution:  512pixels(H)*320 pixles(W)
Weight: 82 KGS
Brightness: >5000 nits
Power Consumption: <800W/m²
LED Lamp Chip : National Star or Chinese brand SMD1921
LED Display Driver IC:  16169 /2038 Constant current driver
Scan way: 1/16 Scan
Refresh led displays: ≥1920Hz
Life span: 100,000Hours
LED Display controller: Nova mctrl300 or LINSN or Colorlight
LED Display software: Brand Free
Power Supply : AC 110/220V 50Hz+_10%
Uses of led display: Window displays, retail storefronts and bank branches.
Certification: CE FCC ROHS ISO
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Pole Kiosk Advertising
  • Excellent effect
  • Countless Playlist
  • Cabinet customized
  • Excellent viewing angle
  • High reliability and brightness
  • Quality assurance
  • Easy maintenance
  • 4G/WIFI control by mobile phone/computer/Ipad/Cloud, you can send the videos to the screens together without distance limitation
  • Cluster control, remote update
  • Mobile APP control

Stainless steel screws when assemble.

Quick and easy to disassemble and assemble.


Widely applied in street lamp pole advertising.
Catch the eyes of passerby.
Decorate the way to home.