P2.5 Taxi Rear Window LED Display

Title  P2.5 Taxi Rear Window LED Display
Model Number: TR2.5
Screen Size(Diag.): 480x120mm
Product Dimension: 540x150x30mm
Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
Brightness (nits): >5500CD/M2
Weight/Cabinet : 2kg
Application : Advertising
Certification: CE FCC ROHS ISO
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Delivery Detail: Batch order 15-30 days

TR2.5 model is the mini type of taxi led display adopting pitch 2.5mm led modules.  It focuses on providing the opportunity to generate the advertising market at the rear window of taxi fleet.

P2.5 Taxi Rear Window LED Screen is able to display high quality of image and video for  your advertising at mobile vehicles-taxis, buses, private cars and vans.   Therefore,wherever you can see a car, you can put taxi top led display at top of it for new business opportunity within views of countless audience in every corners of your city.

And some of Uber taxis started to install taxi display to attract much traffics of people’s awareness on the road.  Taxi top led display technology help ride-hail drivers earn extra income by letting the company display ads on the roofs of their cars.

A website for Uber’s partnership with outdoor ad-tech company Adomni describes the collaboration as an “unmissable new omni-present advertising network that cuts through clutter with street-level engagement.”  Uber has also previously explored partnerships with dedicated ad-tech companies.

The Outdoor Taxi Digital Screen is now one of the fastest growing markets in many parts of the world, as digital LED screens are replacing the traditional taxi-tops and the Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) market is predicted to rise to 38.3% by 2023. With approximately 2 million registered taxis around the world, taxis and other transportation vehicles are becoming a substantial platform for the DOOH market. Another solution and emerging trend is fully-wrapped taxis and vehicles that use the same techniques as fully-wrapped buses.

  • 3G Wireless Control
  • Photosensitive Probe
  • GPS Tracking
  • GPS Speed Measurement
  • Emoticon Package
  • Freely Edit
Real-time Tracking

Get the car position easily by app, can display different ads at different position.

Wireless Control

Freely edit your ads content in the app, the screen can broadcast it simultaneously, express yourself at any time

Car Rear Window LED Display
  • public transportation
  • subway
  • airport
  • shopping mall
  • security monitoring
  • command and dispatch center
  • exhibition center display system