Soft LED Display-Front Service Access

In the advertising industry, soft led display screen is becoming a new flag in the creative screen. Custom design & ceative solution is more attractive with soft led screen.

>>>Soft led screen is available in the following pixel pitches: 1.579mm, 1.667mm, 1.875mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3mm & 4mm.

>>>Standard module design in 240*120mm, ultra thin limited to 8.6mm. Real bendable LED panel can make minimal LED dome screen at 0.6 meters diameter. Noted: Bendable arc≤145°.

>>>Selected National strar brand quality black led lamps: SMD1212, SMD 1515m SMD2121. High consistency and unifornity ensure to achieve the perfect picture quality.

>>>12~16 bit/16384 high grayscale, 1920Hz high refresh rate and high contrast design, present sharp pictures and vivid video.

>>>Build in strong magnetic, adsorption type installation which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Soft LED Display Introduction

Soft LED Display is made of a flexible insulating base FPC circuit board material, which has high strength resistance to compression and torsion. The module’s flexibility is particularly good and becomes a good solution of installing displays in irregular-shaped corners and places.


Resolution is key factor to eveluate the picture quality of the led video display. Ryham offers a wide range of HD resolution Soft LED display. The highest density pitch is P1.579mm. We have other solutions including P1.667mm, P1.875mm, P2.0mm, P2.5mm and P3mm. We sure you will experience actual HD-quality video with Ryham soft LED display solution.

Dot by dot pixel calibration technology:

The soft led module are calibrated dot by dot technology, it helps adjusting the screen color uniformity, ensures the screen performing the perfect color and brightness.

Soft and be arbitrarily shaped:

The soft LED module can be arbitrarily shaped, which makes customization project become an easy job. So now cylindrical screen, wave screen, outer curved screen and other creative screen is more easy to be done.

Space-efficient & Lighter weight:

Compact module size in 240*120mm or 320*160mm, and the thickness only 8.5mm. Unit soft led module only 0.2kgs. No limitation for the space, customized unique framing structure to meet the need of more creative LED video designs.

Stable & Reliable Connections:

External sending and receiving control, paired with quality connectors, guarantee safe and reliable connections between each module.

Magnectic Front Service Access Fixxing

The soft led modules are designed with strong magnetic stands, so installing is quite convenient and quick with help of led module remover(Look at the above video). The installation method of magnetic suction is as simple as the conventional indoor screen installation method. Quick joints are used on connection wires between modules which are firm and reliable to save a lot of effort in installation.


IP43 proof, The soft led display is applied mostly for indoor fields and occasions.
Specialy for inner and outer arcs. Adopting it’s flexibility to achieve quite a few effects that beyond the conventional led display.
Soft led display special-shaped screens are widely used in stage performances, fashion shows, TV stations, banks, plazas, shopping malls, hotels, KTVs, bars, etc..

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