Taxi LED Advertising -T2.5AP

Products Name: Taxi LED Advertising -T2.5AP
LED Display HS Code: 8528581090
Model No. : T2.5AP
Fine Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
LED Lamp Chip : SMD1415
LED Display Resolution: 384(W)X128(H)pixels
Housing Size: 1010mmx 432mmx 98.5mm
Brightness: 5000~5500 nits
Power Consumption: Max: 450 watts/ Avg: 180 watts
Display Driver IC: 16207 Constant current driver
Scan way: 1/16 Scan
Refresh led displays: ≥1920Hz
LED Display controller: XiXun
Control Mode: Wifi/4G Network+Cloud Server LED
LED Display software: Free
Weight/Cabinet : 18.5 KGS
Input Voltage: DC 9~36 V
Uses of led display: Car Taxi Cab Van Roof Top
Certification: CE FCC ROHS ISO
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Features of Taxi LED Display

Taxi LED Advertising

is LED advertising displays mounted on the rooftop of Taxis that run outdoor advertising media. It delivers a strong impact and a high campaign recall.

The newly launch Model-T2.5AP adopts the latest led display technology and the highest outdoor resolution led screen to display high quality of image and video. It is extremely expressive and unique for your advertising at mobile vehicles-taxis, private cars and vans.

  • Slim Design: 40 x 3.89 x 17 Inches
  • Double sides & On eye-level
  • Economic & Affordable
  • Wide Coverage
  • ultra slim P2.5 taxi top led displayDynamic image and video
  • Easily remembered
  • Geo-Target & Time Target
  • Auto Brightness Control
  • Intelligent Cloud Platform
Why Ultra Slim T2.5AP Taxi Top LED Display?
  • High Ingress Protection Grade
    Ryham newly launch Ultra Slim Taxi rooftop LED Display has high ingress protection rating of IP56.
    It is fully weatherproof and shockproof. It supports the display can performance correctly in outdoor harsh weather condition.
  • HD Resolution & High brightness
    High definition pixel pitch: 2.5mm, with 160,000 pixels per sqm.
    High brightness ≥5000nits, Readable in daylight. Light sensor allows automatically adjusts brightness.
  • Aerodynamic design & Light weight

    Ultra-compact and Thickness 9.85cm/3.89Inch only 
    Weight: 17 KGS, no need extra lifting tooling to install 
Easy Side Access & Roof rack Mounting
  • The cabinet is accessible and serviceable from the side
  • Taxi LED Advertising -T2.5AP led display is securely Attached by the roof rack, no need to drill hole on vehicle’s rooftop.
Friendly software Platform & GPS Trace
  •  Wireless, Smart, and Versatile taxi top led displays on the vehicles travelling around the city are wirelessly connected and can be updated simultaneously or individually in less than a second of sending an update from cloud computer servers.
  •  The cloud based system displays the geo-located advertisement based on a specified location, date, time, and neighborhood demographics on bright full-colour RGB led display in dual sides.
  • SDK  kit is available for secondary development


What is taxi led advertising?

Taxi LED Advertising

is LED advertising displays mounted on the rooftop of taxis that run advertising contents.

Taxi LED Advertising -T2.5AP led display adopts the latest led display technology and the highest outdoor resolution led screen to display high quality of image and video for  your advertising at mobile vehicles-taxis, private cars and vans.

Taxi top advertising displays penetrate through the clutter with the taxi displays visible to various demographics. With Dynamic taxi ads set against a static lighting box, taxi cab advertising grabs people’s attention.

Therefore,wherever you can see a car, you can put taxi top screen at rooftop of it for new business opportunity within views of countless audience in every corners of your city.

Uses Of Taxi advertising LED Display

Taxi advertising offers stand-alone messages targeting pedestrians and drivers, businesspeople, tourists and the convention trade.

Taxi advertising can help build a brand or drive foot traffic. You can advertise on small or larger numbers of vehicles to choose.

Nowadays,  some of Uber taxis started to install taxi top screen to attract much traffics of people’s awareness on the road.  Taxi top screen LED technology help ride-hail drivers earn extra income by letting the company display ads on the roofs of their cars.

A website for Uber’s partnership with outdoor ad-tech company Adomni describes the collaboration as an “unmissable new omni-present advertising network that cuts through clutter with street-level engagement.”  Uber has also previously explored partnerships with dedicated ad-tech companies.

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