Transparent LED Display-TG-7.8mm

Products Name: Transparent LED Display-TG-7.8
LED Display HS Code: 8528581090
Model No. : TG-7.8
Fine Pixel Pitch: 7.8X7.8mm
LED Display Resolution:16384 Pixels/m²
Cabinet Size:1000*500mm
Cabinet Resolution: 128*64 Pixles
Brightness: Up to 4500 nits
Power Consumption:<800W/m²
LED Lamp Chip : SMD1921
LED Display Driver IC: ICN2038S Constant current driver
Scan way: 1/4 Scan
Refresh led displays: ≥1920HZ
LED Display controller: star mctrl300
LED Display software: Free
Power Supply : AC 110/220V 50Hz+_10%
Uses of led display: Stage show/concert musical/fashion show
Certification: CE FCC ROHS ISO
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China


To catering the diverse stage background effect, now Ryham offer new generation innovative and creative transparent Rental LED screen. It is designed lightweight, transparency, easy assembly and quick dismantle,is the best choice for culture and entertainment events.

  • Quick Installation
  • High Permeability
  • Thin Design
  • High Degree Protection
  • Low Noise
  • High Brightness
  • Easy Maintenance
Standard Cabinet

Based on standard cabinet size 500*1000mm, it can be assembled into display in diverse sizes. High transparentcy LED strip structure make it more clear and transparent.
Dual sizing options make it easier to meet Stage construction

High transparency

65~75% transparency, it is installed close to the glass of shop window or large glass building wall. Looks like a totally transparent led video wall from far aways when more than 10m.

Intelligent Control

Support computer, mobile phone, tablet computer and other three kinds of device control: screen+date cloud+APP WIFI networking, easy to use, flexible application.

Central Control

All the displays can be controlled, monitored and updated remotely and timely.

Captive, locking cables and connectors guarantee safe, and reliable interconnectivity of power and data between panels. Signal indicators give easy visibility of panel status.

Wide variety of applications:
  • Live show and events
  • Music Concert
  • Wedding party
  • Conference and Meeting rooms
  • High-end entertainment establishments.
  • Auto shows, product launches and expos
  • Airports and Train stations
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